Here is a list of frequently asked questions?

Do I have to be in shape to complete the run?

     As for any activity, its always a good idea to consult your physician.  We have had the highly skilled to the just       off the couch to run the course.  One of our advantages is that the course is a challenge to everyone no               matter the fitness level.

How long does it take?

     Depending on your fitness level and skill.  The record for the longest amount of time is 2 1/2 hours.  And             they had a blast!

How difficult is the course?

     Depending on your skill and fitness level.  The course can be as difficult as you want it to be.  The "Devil's             Mountain" is not tough for you, there's plenty of rocks and logs around to make the trip up and over the               mountain (which you get to do twice!) a little more difficult.  

Where are you located?

     We are located on Diamond Hollow Farm outside of Moulton, AL.  The address is 1 County Road 101,                   Moulton, ALL 35650

What do I need for the run?

     A positive attitude, a change of clothes and a towel for after the race.  We have a designated area to hose           off and change clothes.  We also recomend trail running shoes.  These provide much needed traction over           regular running shoes.

Is there water on the course?

     Of course, it's a mud run...oh you mean to drink.  Yes we will provided water on the course to drink.

What if it rains?

      Be prepared to get even more wet and muddy!  But if there is lightining we will pull all runners off the                  course untill the storm(s) pass.  There are no rain checks.

Can I pay the day of the run?

     Yes.  The waiver forms and payment can be done before the run starts.  Just be sure to give yourself some           extra time.

Do you have private runs for groups?

       Yes, contact us and lets discuss details.

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